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Ubuntu Counselling Centre (UCC) is a nonprofit social agency established by a group of professionals with extensive multi-disciplinary and cross-cultural experience in the field of Social Work. UCC’s team of Social Workers and consultants have many years of experience working in private and public practice.

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Nov 2022

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We offer family, adolescent, individual, and group counselling to anyone in the Windsor-Essex area addressing a wide range of clinical concerns.

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Ubuntu Counselling Centre provides a dynamic range of dignified, inclusive, and compassionate mental health and addiction services for historically underrepresented racialized and marginalized communities.

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Hassan Awed
Hassan Awed, MSW, RSW

Hassan Awed is registered with the Ontario College of Social Workers and Social Service Workers (OCSWSSW), and is a member of the Ontario College of Social Workers (OASW). Hassan has over 20 years’ experience, primarily in Child Welfare. Over the years, Hassan has developed expertise in understanding and meeting the needs of individuals and families with highly complex issues. Hassan is a graduate of the University of Windsor, earning a Master’s Degree in Social Work in 2010. He has been an active private practitioner in the Windsor-Essex community, focusing on, but not limited to, trauma, mental health, relationships, grief and work-related stress issues.

Way of Being:
A calm demeanor! Hassan brings a sense of calm to his clients by providing them with a safe environment, patience, encouragement, and positive regard.

Way of Understanding:
Hassan believes that everyone has the ability to change by acquiring self-awareness and utilizing healthy coping skills!

Way of Intervening:
Hassan uses an eclectic approach to meet clients where they are using different techniques to promote client growth.

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Lillian Lodik, MSW, RSW

Lillian Lodik is a registered social worker and a graduate with MSW from the University of Windsor in 2012. She has extensive skills in crisis intervention - particularly in assessing the unique needs of newcomers in Windsor-Essex region. Lillian has a wide range of experiences as a therapist with expertise in harm reduction, chemically misuse, trauma informed care, LGBTQ awareness and support service, mental health: depression, anxiety, border line, bipolar and Life Skills training to name a few.

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Jude Okoh, CAC; MSW; BA (Hons); MBA; MSc; BSc; RSW

Mental Health And Addictions Clinician, Social Worker, Family And Disability Counselor. After taking advantage of the privilege of University education in five different universities located in three different Continents as well as the ability to communicate in six different languages, I have finally and rightly settled down to help people, regardless of their ethnicity, religion or level of education in my capacity as a Registered Social Worker (RSW) in dealing with their individual and collective psychosocial problems.

For the purpose of our collective forward and upward movement as a cohesive group, I am utilizing my broad experiences garnered from extensive academic pursuits, work experiences, immigration experiences as well as experiences from being a person with a disability, to intervene in clients’ presenting problems.
As a racialized citizen and a Registered Social Worker (RSW) specializing in Addictions and Mental Health issues, Family (Relationship)and Disability issues, my services cover individuals with challenges in the fore going areas as well as clients going through Loss, Grief, Bereavement and Trauma. I intervene in clients’ presenting problems in a client-centered manner, with a view to reversing and restoring them back to a New Life.
After a good work experience as a Mental Health and Addiction Clinician with the government of British
Columbia, I am excited to be here in Ontario helping people get their lives back: and start a New Life.
Finally, at clients’ request, Christian Counseling is available from me, especially in my capacity as a
born-again Pentecostal preacher. for more than thirty years. In all, I have well over eight years of fruitful and result orient practice.

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Holly Stack-Cutler, PhD
I have a PhD in Educational Psychology from the University of Alberta, as well as certificates in Program Evaluation, Non-Profit Management, and Knowledge Mobilization. I have over 5 years of experience working as a Quality Assurance Specialist and 19 years of experience as a community-based researcher and evaluator.

I am passionate about implementing quality programs, evaluating programs, writing grants, cultivating respectful and collaborative stakeholder relationships, and ensuring that all people can access mental health services to meet their needs.

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Elizabeth Ikpong
Elizabeth Ikpong, MSW, RSW

Elizabeth Ikpong obtained her BSW and MSW degrees from the University of Windsor in 2006 and 2011 respectively. She has been a practicing Social Worker since 2006 primarily in the field of Child Welfare. Since 2017, she has been an affiliate counselor for a major counseling organization in the Windsor Area.

Elizabeth believes that the strength perspective is not only a fundamental part of Social work practice, but also one of the building blocks in the interaction between the client and the therapist. This is consistent with the Ubuntu Philosophy, ('I am, because we are.') and it will continue to form the bedrock of her practice at Ubuntu Counseling Centre.

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Hassan Adan
Hassan Adan, Executive Director

Mr. Adan has many years of operations management experience in a variety of environments locally and internationally. As the Executive Director, Hassan’s goal is to create an efficient and welcoming environment for UCC staff and clients.

Hassan has a BA with Honours in Sociology and earned a Master’s Degree in Education with a focus on curriculum development. His research interest include issues of marginalization and equity. Hassan has presented his research findings on racial and cultural influences at a number of high-profile conferences in the United States and Canada, including the American Educational Research Association conference in Washington, D. C. And the Canadian Society for the Study of Education in Calgary Alberta.

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